Private Island IPA

I’m about to set out to do what is very rare these days. I’m going to brew a non-hazy IPA. I barely even remember what those taste like anymore. I hope it will exhibit some of the same soft bitterness and “juicy” character but all in a package that is clear and clean. Just a little bit of Pale malt left so I’m using that in conjunction with a bag of Weyermann pils malt I’ve got laying around.

OG – 1.063
FG – 1.013
ABV – 6.7%
IBU – Who knows.

German Pils – 8.5 lbs.
2-Row Pale – 2.5 lbs.
Munich 10 – 12 oz.
C-15 – 12 oz.

Magnum – 0.25 oz. @ FWH
Mosaic – 2 oz. @ whirlpool (30 min)
Amarillo – 2 oz. @ whirlpool (30 min)
Nelson – 1 oz. @ whirlpool (30 min)
Galaxy – 1 oz. @ whirlpool (30 min)
Mosaic – 2 oz. @ dry hop
Amarillo – 2 oz. @ dry hop
Nelson – 1 oz. @ dry hop
Galaxy – 1 oz. @ dry hop

Imperial Flagship – 1L starter

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Fix & Co. Preprohibition Lager

In my small hometown of El Paso, IL of around 3,000 people, I have recently discovered that there was a preprohibition brewery for a short time called Fix & Co. Brewing. I haven’t been able to dig up a lot of information about this brewery other than the founder/owner was a man named Jacob Fix. I even contacted the local historical society who did some research, however it sounds like what it comes down to is that people didn’t like their beer that much. 🙂

Regardless, in honor of a brewery in my hometown I wanted to brew a Preprohibition lager that people DO like. I brewed a cream ale with 6-row and Cluster a while back and didn’t love how it turned out. It’s alright, but doesn’t have the crispness that I was looking for. This time I decided to create a simple beer with some fairly traditional ingredients and a yeast strain that will probably create a better finished product.

OG – 1.053
FG – 1.012
ABV – 5.5%
IBU – 41

German Pils – 9 lbs.
Flaked Corn – 1 lbs.
Acidulated – 4 oz.

Magnum – 0.5 oz. @ 60
Sterling – 1 oz. @ 15
Sterling – 1 oz. @ 5
Hersbrucker – 2 oz. @ End

Imperial Yeast L05 Cable Car

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ABC Hazy Pale

The keg of my last hazy beer is almost gone so it’s probably past due to get another one going. I had a bag of Cashmere and Belma from last hop season that I haven’t touched yet and though mixing it with Azacca would be a good combo as Azacca seems to find it’s way in a ton of hazy beers. I think it’s the primary one in Fort George City of Dreams. Wanted something a little lower alcohol and sessionable than the last one. I went down on the percentage of wheat and oats. I also didn’t use any hops before flameout which I’ve never done before. I kept it to three hopstand additions and then will have two dry hops. Will be interesting to see what the bitterness of this beer will be.

OG – 1.051
FG – 1.012
ABV – 5.2%
IBU – ?

2-Row Pale – 8.5 lbs.
White Wheat – 1.0 lb.
Flaked Oats – 1.0 lb.

-40 Hopstand
1 oz. Azacca (11.6%)
1 oz. Belma (10.6%)
1 oz. Cashmere (7.6%)

-30 Hopstand
0.75 oz. Azacca
0.75 oz. Belma
0.75 oz. Cashmere

-20 Hopstand
0.5 oz. Azacca
0.5 oz. Belma
0.5 oz. Cashmere

Dry hop #1 (Day 2 of fermentation)
0.5 oz. Azacca
0.5 oz. Belma
0.5 oz. Cashmere

Dry hop #2 (Fermentation complete)
1 oz. Azacca
1 oz. Belma
1 oz. Cashmere

Imperial Juice

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Cream Ale

I wanted to get at least one more low ABV summer thirst-quencher in before the heat ends. I picked up a can of Bend Brewing’s Camp Beer not long ago. It’s a 4% cream ale and it is fantastic which is what inspired this brew. Cream ales can be hit and miss. Not a ton of craft breweries make them. Baerlic used to make one called Cavalier. Not sure if they do that seasonally still.. Pelican has their Kiwanda. Migration has Clem’s Cream Ale. But largely it’s not a popular style right now. I wanted to make a more historic cream ale (if that’s possible). At least use the main ingredients that brewers used in pre-prohibition America like 6-Row malt and Cluster hops. So here goes!

OG – 1.038
FG – 1.006
ABV – 4.2%
IBU – 20
SRM – 2.6

6-Row – 6 lbs. (80%)
Flaked Corn – 1 lbs. 13.3%)
Corn Sugar – 8 oz. (added @ 5 minutes) (6.7%)

Cluster – 0.5 oz. @ 60
Willamette – 1 oz. @ 10
Cluster – 0.5 oz. @ End

Imperial Independence – fermented @ 62.

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Oktoberfest 2018

It’s time to get an Oktoberfest fermenting that will be ready to tap sometime late in September when the weather will warrant a beer like this. This year, I’ve decided to try out a few craft malts that are becoming more popular. I haven’t used Mecca Grade or any of the others yet so it seems like this will be a great style to try out some examples of Munich malt. These are said to be richer, maltier, and grainier than the larger producers like Great Western or Weyermann, etc. Would be really interesting to do a blind tasting with this beer and the same recipe using Great Western. Maybe Brulosophy will do one like that sometime.

OG – 1.050
FG – 1.012
ABV – 5.0%
IBU – 25
SRM – 11.4

Mecca Grade Metolius 8lb (80.0 %)
Admiral Red Seven Light Munich 2lb (20.0 %)

US Magnum (12.7 %) 0.40 oz 16.4 60 Min From End
German Tettnang (3.7 %) 1.00 oz 6.4 15 Min From End
German Hallertauer (2.3 %) 1.00 oz 1 Min From End
German Tettnang 3.7 % 1.00 oz 0.6 1 Min From End

Imperial L-17 Harvest – 2L Starter

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Summer Pils (2018)

I’m tiring of the hazy IPA trend and have slowed down drinking even my own! I’ve been drinking a lot more pilsners, kolsch’s, and really lagers of all kinds this summer. The goal here is just to create something light, crisp, and crushable for the hot weather ahead. Really love Block 15’s Gloria and wanted to create a beer similar, yet not trying to clone anything. Cheers!

OG – 1.051
FG – 1.012
ABV – 5.1%
IBU – 36

German Pilsner Malt – 8.5 lbs (86%)
German Carafoam 1lb – 1.0 lbs. (10%)
Acidulated – 6.00 oz (4%)

Magnum – 0.5 oz. @ 60
German Tettnang – 0.75 oz. @ 15
German Hallertau – 0.75 oz. @ 15
Mt. Hood – 0.5 oz. @ 15
German Tettnang – 0.5 oz. @ End
German Hallertau – 0.5 oz. @ End
Mt. Hood – 0.5 oz. @ End

Imperial L-28 Urkel

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English Summer Ale

In the hot months of July, what I want to drink most are beers that are low alcohol, dry, crisp, citrusy. I’ve had some great English Summer Ale’s but have only tried to brew one other one which turned out very mediocre due to the UK Jester hops which were underwhelming to say the least! In any case, this one is a real winner. Honestly, I ripped most of this recipe off from somewhere I can’t find now! I made some modifications but would still love to give credit. I will keep looking! This is a delicious beer. It’s exactly what I crave on a hot day.

OG – 1.048
FG – 1.012
ABV – 4.7%
IBU – 30
SRM – 4.5

Maris Otter – 6.0 lbs
Golden Promise – 3.0 lbs.
White Wheat – 1 lbs.

Magnum – 0.3 oz. @ 60
Cascade – 0.5 oz. @ 60
Cascade – 0.5 oz. @ 10
EKG – 0.5 oz. @ 10
Amarillo – 2 oz. @ End (25 minute hop stand)
EKG – 0.5 oz. @ End (25 minute hop stand)

Imperial A-01 House

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