Favorite Beers of 2011

Belgian/Farmhouse Ales:

1.  Rodenbach Grand Cru

2.  Beetje Farmhouse Ale

3.  Cascade Barrel House Holiday Quad

4.  Boulevard Brewing Tank 7 Saison

5.  Logsdon Seizoen Bretta


1.  Laurelwood Workhorse

2.  Natian Old Groghom Winter IPA

3.  Widmer Bros. Rotator Series (Falconer’s Flight IPA/O’Reilly’s IPA)

4.  Ninkasi Maiden the Shade IPA

5.  Fort George Vortex IPA

The Others:

1. Schneider Edelweiss

2. Dogfishhead Sahti

3.  Heater Allen Pils

4.  Hopworks Abominable

5.  Redhook Wit


Brewery of the Year: Cascade Brewing Barrel House

Best Deal: Half-price flights on Monday night @ Hawthorne Hophouse

Best Tap Selection: Apex (would be great if it wasn’t cash only).


About dustball44

husband and father pastor @ the evergreen community homebrewer and beer enthusiast
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