Throw Away IPA

This Friday I’m going to brew a mutt of an IPA using all of the leftover hops I have that I’m not planning on using on anything else. Time to clear out the freezer with this one. I’m also going to experiment and try using Vienna instead of Caramel with a touch of chocolate for color adjustment and a different yeast strain from the normal 1056. Should be an interesting (terrible?) one!

GW 2-Row – 11.5 lbs
Vienna – 1.5 lb.
Carapils – 8 oz.
Chocolate – 1 oz.

Magnum – 1.50oz (60)
Chinook – .75 oz. (30)
CTZ – 1.25 oz (20)
Amarillo – .75 oz (15)
Willamette – 1 oz. (5)
Golding – 3.25 oz (end)
Mt. Hood – 2.25 oz (end)
Perle – 1.25 oz (end)

Yeast – Wyeast 1272 – American Ale II

ABV – 7.3%
IBU – 125

Update 6.1.12 – This IPA turned out pretty decent for a total experiment. While the citrusy hop flavor is intense and lasts from beginning to end, there is also a sweet malt body to back it up. The 1.5 lbs of Vienna definitely comes through. I would use Vienna in an IPA again maybe for a Fall IPA or Double IPA but would probably just use 12 oz. or a pound. Even with the 6.75 oz. of hops I used at the end of the boil, there is very little hop aroma. It’s tough for the more delicate aroma hops to compete with the high alpha hops at the beginning and the heavy malt bill.


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