Oregon Brewers Fest – Recap

I did the smart thing and went on the first day in the late afternoon. I’m not one to stand around in crowded places waiting in lines for 3 oz. pours. Tasted some great, some good, and some not so good beers today. And thankfully when you go with a few others, you get to try some of their picks as well without having to get a full 3 oz. pour. Here you go!

The Great:
Heathan Transgression IPA – My favorite of the day. Like drinking Simcoe soup.
Gigantic & Juice – IPA mixed with citrus juices.
Ninkasi Bohemian Pils
Occidental Dortmunder
Prodigal Son Jackson Sundown Saison

The Good:
Bayern Kaiser Pilsener
Breakside Float (Dortmunder) – not quite as clean as Occidental.
Dunedin Chronicle 11: Subtropical IPA
Fort George Hop Contract
Good Life Evil Sister Imperial Pacific Ale
Hopworks Two Tickets to Pearadise – aroma was better than flavor.
Pfriem Wit
Upright Offen Kolsch

The Not So Good:
Ohio Brewing Co. O’Hoppy Ale IPA
Speakeasy Tallulah (Extra Pale Ale)-Interesting hops get totally washed out by the malt bill.

The Horrible:
Burnside Marionberry Berliner Weisse – the aroma was offensive. Almost undrinkable.
Deschutes Double Impact Belgian IPA – another aroma offense. Smelled like sweaty cheese.

No Show:
Surly Overrated West Coast IPA – maybe that’s why it’s overrated, because it doesn’t exist.


About dustball44

husband and father pastor @ the evergreen community homebrewer and beer enthusiast
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