Summer Skin IPA

Recently I’ve been brewing some test batches with Ex Novo.  Got a nice Pale and hoppy Red (with El Dorado hops) in the keg as well as a Summer Golden brewed with Pacifica hops from New Zealand that is only 4.1%.  If you’d like to try any of them, come on over and fill a growler or hang out for a pint!  Lots of beer that I’ll never be able to drink myself!

This upcoming Monday I thought I’d get another brew going as I’ve got some grain left in my 50 lb. queue. Thinking a lighter, end of summer IPA. I’ve had really good luck with skipping the flavor addition (around 15 or 20) and just doing a larger whirlpool addition for about 20 minutes at flameout. So I’m going to stick with that.  Here it is!

ABV – 5.8%
IBU – 55

9 lbs. 2-Row
1 lb. Wheat malt
12 oz. C-40
6 oz. Honey malt

1 oz. Columbus @ 60
1 oz. Mosaic @ End
2 oz. Citra @ End
1 oz. Mosaic Dry hop
2 oz. Citra Dry hop

Yeast – American Ale


About dustball44

husband and father pastor @ the evergreen community homebrewer and beer enthusiast
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3 Responses to Summer Skin IPA

  1. Devin Vaughn says:

    4.1! When is this steez ready?

  2. dustball44 says:

    the 4.1% Golden is ready! It’s pretty good. Very drinkable! This IPA will end up being 5.0% and will be ready in about 3 weeks.

  3. dustball44 says:

    just for the record, this is an AWESOME beer!

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