Vitamin C Summer IPA

I was fully planning on brewing a Kolsch this weekend but today I checked the pilsner that is a little over a week in fermenting in my keezer in the garage and it’s still quite active. I’m not sure it will be quite ready to transfer to secondary on Saturday morning to free up space for my Kolsch. So rather than try to push it, I am just going to brew up a nice summer IPA that will be ready to drink when I return from a trip to Illinois on July 7th.

Bright, citrusy hops with a tropical fruity finish complimented by a simple malt bill and slightly lower alcohol (at least compared to the usual 7.0-7.5% IPA’s you find nowadays. That’s what I want in a Summer Ale. Something that finishes dry and refreshing but packs plenty of hop flavor. Will do a 1.5L starter of the Mt. Hood Ale yeast that Wyeast produced for CBC this year. I’ve kept my beers very simple this year for the most part and I think that’s why they’ve been so successful. To change up the pace a bit I’m going to go nuts with the C-hops in this one. I’ve got 6 different “C-hops” in the fridge. Why not use them all? This could be a train wreck. But that’s a lot of the fun in brewing, right?

OG – 1.059
FG – 1.014
ABV – 6.0%
IBU – 56
SRM – 4.7

2-Row – 9.5 lbs. (82.5%)
White Wheat Malt – 1 lbs. 3 oz. (10.1%)
Flaked Oats – 8 oz. (4.2%)
Caramel 20L – 6 oz. (3.2%)

Columbus – 1 oz. @ 60
Citra – 2.00 oz. @ End (30 minute hop stand)
Cascade – 1.00 oz. @ End (30 minute hop stand)
Chinook – 0.5 oz. @ End (30 minute hop stand)
Centennial – 0.5 oz. @ End (30 minute hop stand)
Columbus – 0.25 oz. @ End (30 minute hop stand)
Calypso – 0.5 oz. @ End (30 minute hop stand)

Citra – 1.25 oz. @ Dry Hop (5 days)
Cascade – 0.75 oz. @ Dry Hop (5 days)
Centennial – 0.50 oz. @ Dry Hop (5 days)
Chinook – 0.5 oz. @ Dry Hop (5 days)
Columbus – 0.25 oz. @ Dry Hop (5 days)
Calypso – 0.5 oz. @ Dry Hop (5 days)

Wyeast CBC Mt. Hood Ale


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