Hoppy Wheat (Azacca/Mosaic)

One of the beers that I love to brew in the spring time is a nice hoppy wheat. Several years back now I pilfered the recipe for Fortunate Islands from The Mad Fermentationist and have been doing different hop varieties with the same basic malt bill. This time I’m using a combination of Azacca and Mosaic hops but have decided to try a new yeast as well. I’ve never used White Labs 090 Super San Diego but I’ve seen a lot of people swear by it.

I’m also adding a second whirlpool addition after 15 minutes upon the slow transfer through my plate chiller as well to see if that gives it an extra fruity boost of hops. This will be my first beer which has largely featured Azacca hops as well.

OG – 1.052
FG – 1.012
ABV – 5.3%
IBU – 50
SRM – 5.1

White Wheat Malt – 5.5 lbs.
2-Row – 4 lbs.
Cara-vienna – 8 oz.
Rice Hulls – 8 oz.

Magnum (11.8%) – 1.25 oz. @ 60
Azacca – 2 oz. @ End (15 minute whirlpool)
Mosaic – 1 oz. @ End (15 minute whirlpool)
Azacca – 2 oz. @ -15 (at beginning of transfer)
Mosaic – 1 oz. @ -15 (at beginning of transfer)
Azacca – 2 oz. @ Dry Hop (7 days)
Mosaic – 1 oz. @ Dry Hop (7 days)

White Labs 090 Super San Diego (1.25L starter)


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husband and father pastor @ the evergreen community homebrewer and beer enthusiast
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