American Wheat (Hallertau Blanc)

This weekend I’m going to brew up a low alcohol American Wheat beer that I think will pair well with Hallertau Blanc hops. I did a hoppy belgian table beer earlier this year with Blanc and Jester hops. Wasn’t impressed at all but I think the Belgian Wit yeast does a lot to downplay the hop character. That’s the only thing I could conclude with how heavily I hopped it. I think an American wheat beer might let the hops shine through more and with the description of Hallertau Blanc hops, I think this is a good style to showcase them.

OG – 1.047
FG – 1.012
ABV – 4.5%
IBU – 27.7
SRM – 3.7

White Wheat malt – 4.5 lbs.
2-Row – 3.5 lbs.
Flaked Wheat – 1 lbs.
Rice Hulls – 8 oz.

Magnum (11.8%) – 0.25 oz. @ 60
Hallertau Blan (5.4%) – 1 oz. @ 15
Hallertau Blanc (5.4%) – 2 oz. @ 5
Hallertau Blanc (5.4%) – 4 oz. @ End (20 minute hop stand)
Hallertau Blanc (5.4%) – 5 oz. @ Dry Hop (5 days)

White Labs WLP320-American Hefeweizen Ale – 1L starter


About dustball44

husband and father pastor @ the evergreen community homebrewer and beer enthusiast
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