Mexican Lager (Kind of)

I haven’t made a lager yet this year because I haven’t been able to brew a lot so have wanted to get something in the keg more quickly when I actually had time to brew. But it’s summer and a lager must be made. I set out to create a quality Mexican Lager and I kind of am, the only problem is the LHBS was all out of Mexican Lager yeast. So I’m using Imperial’s version of Bohemian Lager yeast instead and hoping for the best. The rest of the recipe is the same so we’ll see. Should be a tasty lager regardless but hopefully it will be lime-worth!

OG – 1.048
FG – 1.012
ABV – 4.8%
IBU – 24
SRM – 2.8

Canadian Pils (Gambrinus) – 7 lbs. (77.8%)
Vienna malt – 1 lbs. (11.1%)
Flaked Corn – 1 lbs. (11.1%)

US Magnum (11.8%) – 0.4 oz. @ 60
Czech Saaz (1.3 %) – 3.00 oz. @ 15
Czech Saaz (1.3 %) – 3.00 oz. @ End

Imperial L-13 Global – 2L starter


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