Cream Ale

I wanted to get at least one more low ABV summer thirst-quencher in before the heat ends. I picked up a can of Bend Brewing’s Camp Beer not long ago. It’s a 4% cream ale and it is fantastic which is what inspired this brew. Cream ales can be hit and miss. Not a ton of craft breweries make them. Baerlic used to make one called Cavalier. Not sure if they do that seasonally still.. Pelican has their Kiwanda. Migration has Clem’s Cream Ale. But largely it’s not a popular style right now. I wanted to make a more historic cream ale (if that’s possible). At least use the main ingredients that brewers used in pre-prohibition America like 6-Row malt and Cluster hops. So here goes!

OG – 1.038
FG – 1.006
ABV – 4.2%
IBU – 20
SRM – 2.6

6-Row – 6 lbs. (80%)
Flaked Corn – 1 lbs. 13.3%)
Corn Sugar – 8 oz. (added @ 5 minutes) (6.7%)

Cluster – 0.5 oz. @ 60
Willamette – 1 oz. @ 10
Cluster – 0.5 oz. @ End

Imperial Independence – fermented @ 62.


About dustball44

husband and father pastor @ the evergreen community homebrewer and beer enthusiast
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