Fix & Co. Preprohibition Lager

In my small hometown of El Paso, IL of around 3,000 people, I have recently discovered that there was a preprohibition brewery for a short time called Fix & Co. Brewing. I haven’t been able to dig up a lot of information about this brewery other than the founder/owner was a man named Jacob Fix. I even contacted the local historical society who did some research, however it sounds like what it comes down to is that people didn’t like their beer that much. 🙂

Regardless, in honor of a brewery in my hometown I wanted to brew a Preprohibition lager that people DO like. I brewed a cream ale with 6-row and Cluster a while back and didn’t love how it turned out. It’s alright, but doesn’t have the crispness that I was looking for. This time I decided to create a simple beer with some fairly traditional ingredients and a yeast strain that will probably create a better finished product.

OG – 1.053
FG – 1.012
ABV – 5.5%
IBU – 41

German Pils – 9 lbs.
Flaked Corn – 1 lbs.
Acidulated – 4 oz.

Magnum – 0.5 oz. @ 60
Sterling – 1 oz. @ 15
Sterling – 1 oz. @ 5
Hersbrucker – 2 oz. @ End

Imperial Yeast L05 Cable Car


About dustball44

husband and father pastor @ the evergreen community homebrewer and beer enthusiast
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